REALbasic through the releases

  REALbasic has had many, many, many revisions, and almost all of them were available to the public. Here's my summary of the 192 public releases from DR1r4 to 2.1a17.

Version Date Summary
2.1a17 8/13 Two bug fixes and two Win32 improvements...
2.1a16 8/12 Two bugs fixed
2.1a15 8/11 A (note the singular form) Win32 improvement
2.1a14 8/4 Win32 improvement and a bug fix (just like every other dull release...)
2.1a13 8/2 Win32 improvements
2.1a12 7/29 Bug Fix & Win32 improvements
2.1a11 7/19 Bug Fixes
Win32 improvements
2.1a10 7/16 Bug Fixes
2.1a9 7/15 Bug Fixes
2.1a8 7/13 Bug Fixes
2.1a7 7/12 Database Improvements
2.1a6 7/9 PlayLooping and Stop methods for sounds
Win32 keyboard shortcuts implemented.
2.1a5 7/6 Bug Fixes.
2.1a4 6/30 Bug Fixes
2.1a3 6/28 Bug Fixes.
2.1a2 6/25 CellAlignment for ListBoxes
2.1a1 6/24 Changed to 2.1 because of incompatible new file format.
MacVRefNum and MacDirID for folderitems
Bug Fixes
2.0.3a4 6/17 Mask property for pictures
MacWindowPtr property
2.0.3a3 6/15 ParseDate Method
DragItem improvements
Bug Fixes
2.0.3a2 6/10 New EditableMovie features
QTGraphicsExporter class
SoundFormat class
2.0.3a1 6/8 Push method for buttons
Bug Fixes
2.0.2   Bug Fixes
2.0.2a9 5/26 Bug Fixes
2.0.2a8 5/26 Bug Fixes
2.0.2a7 5/25 Icons for menus
Bug Fixes
2.0.2a6 5/24 Bug Fixes
2.0.2a5 5/21 Bug Fixes
2.0.2a4 5/6 Bug Fixes
2.0.2a3 5/4 Bug Fixes
2.0.2a2 5/3 Bug Fixes
2.0.2a1 4/30 Bug Fixes
2.0.1 4/27 Bug Fixes
2.0.1b3 4/26 Bug Fixes
2.0.1b2 4/23 Bug Fixes
2.0.1b1 4/21 Bug Fixes
Printing implemented for Windows
2.0.1a5 4/20 API Access for 68k
Bug Fixes
2.0.1a4 4/19 API ACCESS!!
RGBSurface for Win32
2.0.1a3 4/16 Bug Fixes
Single method for MemoryBlocks
2.0.1a2 4/15 Bug Fixes
Gestalt methods
2.0.1a1 4/14 Various Bug fixes
First pre-release version of RB without "DR" in it.
2.0 4/13 Bug Fixes
Was originally DR2r82
DR2r81 4/12 Bug Fixes
Demo limitations increased
DR2r80 4/11 Bug fixes
Reference uses typeahead
DR2r79 4/10 Bug Fixes
Text Encoding improvements
DR2r78 4/9 Bug Fixes
Better Internationalization
DR2r77 4/8 Bug fixes
Trim functions optimized
DR2r76 4/7 Bug Fixes
HeadingIndex for listboxes
DR2r75 4/2 Bug Fixes
Improved AE support
DR2r74 4/2 New Source Code printing options
Bug Fixes galore
Locals/Stack windows now optional!
DR2r73 4/2 Bug Fixes
Properties multiline editor improved
DR2r72 4/1 Bug Fixes
DR2r71 3/31 Bug Fixes & Database improvements
StrCompare Mode 2
New About Box and Icons
DR2r70 3/29 #if statement
"..." button in properties window
Bug Fixes
DR2r69 3/24 Database improvements
Bug Fixes
DR2r68 3/24 Bug Fixes
Text Conversion extended to 11 languages.
DR2r67 3/23 Bug Fixes
DR2r66 3/22 StrCompare and = are faster
Bug Fixes
DR2r65 3/20 UseCMM property in ContextualMenus
Bug Fixes
DR2r64 3/19 Updated On-Line Reference
DR2r63 3/18 RemoteAddress property in Sockets!
Bug Fixes
DR2r62 3/16 Database improvements
Bug Fixes
DR2r61 3/15 Picture and Poster EditableMovie properties
Bug Fixes
DR2r60 3/11 Binding and Database improvements
RowTag property in PopupMenu
DR2r59 3/9 Win32 MDI bug fixes
Improved Movieplayer control
Other Bug fixes
DR2r58 3/5 TextEncoding now works.
Win32 and database improvements
Bug fixes
DR2r57 3/4 Bug Fixes
TextEncodings added
DR2r56 3/4 Binding interfaces improved
DR2r55 3/2 Various Bug Fixes
Database improvements
DR2r54 3/1 New Reference Window
MovieWidth, MovieHeight Movie properties
DR2r53 2/23 Database improvements
DR2r52 2/22 Win32 Improvements
QuickTime now supported in Windows
DR2r51 2/17 Bug Fixes
Windows compiler improvements
MouseX, MouseY, MouseDown system properties.
DR2r50 2/16 Bug Fixes
More controls implemented in Windows Compiler.
Can now drop files into folders in the project window.
DR2r49 2/12 Win32 bug fixes
Win32 MDI support
DR2r48 2/11 Database improvements
DR2r47 2/9 Bug Fixes
UseFocusRing property in editfield & Listbox
DR2r46 2/3 Bug Fixes
Non-Appearance manager implementation of DR2 controls.
DR2r45 2/2 Semaphores and CriticalSelection classes for threads.
Object destructors (ie, ~classname)
Local Constants (ie, Const Name=Value)
DR2r44 1/30 Bug fixes
You can now select binds
Block [de]commenting with Cmd-'
DR2r43 1/29 Bug fixes
Command keys for "Show/Hide..." added
Floaters can auto-hide when code editor is visible.
DR2r42 1/26 Rearranged Toolbar
Improvements to Win32 compiler
Warning when opening 1.x projects added
DR2r41 1/25 Win32 improvements galore
Various bug fixes.
DR2r40 1/22 Command keys for "New ___..." commands (FINALLY!)
Support for custom binds
BevelButtons can have actual menus now (Finally!)
DR2r39 1/21 Bug Fixes
Improvements in properties window
Release notes are now in ClarisWorks 5 format
DR2r38 1/19 Bug Fixes
Styles, Sizes, and facings for Tab panels
DR2r37 1/13 Bug Fixes
ByRef and ByVal
ColorPicker, HSV, and CMY support
DR2r36 1/11 Rewrite of internal event handling
Improvements to Windows Compiler
Window menu now contains open windows
DR2r35 1/2 Database improvements/bug fixes
DR2r28 12/8 MouseX, MouseY properties
More balloon help for IDE
DR2r29 12/11 Editable and Checkbox cells in Listboxes
Redesigned QuickTime features
DR2r30 12/17 Variant data type added
Databases can now be updated
DR2r31 12/23 Windows can contain arbitrary objects
Bug fixes
DR2r32 12/23 Improvements to the Windows compiler
Released 22 hours after r31
DR2r33 12/28 Bug fixes for Live Scrolling and databases
DR2r34 12/30 User interface for modifying database schema added (huh?)
DR2r35 1/1/99 Databases can be bound to listboxes
Database bug fixes
DR2r26 11/29 Very modified plugin format
Boolean Constants added
DR2r25 11/23 (?) Constant system introduced (see Tips)
Bug fixes
DR2r24 11/18 Control Binding (see Tips)
Bug fixes to new list box
DR2r23 11/13 More image formats (all QT formats) now supported
Bug fixes with canvases and list box
Improved AutoComplete
DR2r22 11/12 Major Nav Services crashing bug fixed
Import Menu command added (see news)
New SaveAsJPEG method of folderitems (see news)
DR2r21 11/11 RB now uses Nav Services (the file dialogs in OS 8.5)
First implementation of ListBox replacement
DR2r20 11/6 #Pragma concepts
4D plugin and more database formats supported.
DR2r19 10/30 New sprite engine (See news)
DR2r18 10/26 Movie methods (see cover story)
Improved plugin format.
DR2r17 10/20 You can now set the visibility of entire folders
Eight new controls in the IDE (see news article)
DR2r16 10/16 Bug fix for r15 (?)
DR2r15 10/15 Not yet known
DR2r14 10/13 Not yet known
DR2r13 9/30 OpenOracleDatabase function
Improved plugin format (image support) and Win32 compiler
DR2r12 9/24 A specific bug fix for r11
DR2r11 9/23 Apple Event Template and AppleEventTarget objects
Apple Event Recorder in the window menu.
DR2r10 9/11 Win32 font support, and editfield support.
Bug with multiple Win32 builds fixed.
DR2r9 9/9 Tons of improvements for the Win32 compiler.
DR2r8 9/3 Database Object
HasHeading and SortClicked event for Listboxes
DR2r7 8/29 DatabaseCursor Class
Database example
DR2r6 8/20 Not known
DR2r5 8/10 Bug fixes
First run of a windows compiler (see news)
DR2r4 8/6
DR2r3 8/3 Improved VB importer.
New class of folderitem that doesn't auto-resolve aliases.
Plugin Architecture changes.
DR2d2 7/27 Bug fixes
RGBSurface object added
Resource forks can now read finder icons (icl8, ics8, etc.)
PPPStatus property for sockets.
Can now set locked and visible on folderitems.
Can now get destkop and trash folders for specific volumes.
Not an "official" release. Never supported.
DR2d1 7/23 Bug fixes
System object added
SerialPort class adedd
Improved plugin architecture
New MoviePlayer properties
Not an "official" release. Was never supported.


  DR1 was lots of fun! I hopped on near the end of DR1r23's reign, and have been using RB almost continuosly since then.

1.1.1 2/24/99 Mostly bug fixes
Improved Internationalization
1.1 1/4/99 Bug Fixes
Navigation Services Support
Import item under the file menu
More balloon help
1.0 10/8/98 Various bug fixes
Revised documentation and tutorials
F9 9/11 Bug fixes
Delete button in CFM editor.
F9 9/4 Bug fixes galore
Editfields now allowed in global floaters.
F8 8/27 Mostly bug fixes
The URL in the about box is now clickable.
F7 8/19 Improved AppleEvent handling
Smoother control redrawing.
F6 8/17 Bug fixes
Delete button in CFM editor.
F5 8/5 Disabling >31 length menus now works
Bug fixes
Improved VB importer (lines and modules)
Toolbar is now more obviously drag-and-drop.
F4 7/6 Mostly bug fixes
The "official" demo.
F1 6/26 GlobalProcess style windows
CloseOnClick for SpriteSurface
F1 stands for Final Candidate 1
DR1r39 6/22 New methods for multi-byte characters (see news)
Plugins can now return strings
GetSound method for ResourceFork (finally!)
Underscores now allowed in Class&Object names
DR1r38 6/11 Improved SpriteSurface
RB now imports from Visual Basic 2.0 and higher (See news)
PPC apps can be compressed. (See news)
DR1r37a 6/8 Bug fixes
New serial port methods
DR1r37 6/6 Plugins now compile. (See news)
RectControls now savvy. (That's not true!)
Trim, LTrim, RTrim functions.
Expanded property for hierarchial Listboxes.
DR1r36 5/31 Palettes now remember placement and visibility.
Canvas has
new scroll method.
Many new AppleEvent methods.
r35a 5/27 Bug Fixes
First cut of a VB importer
Better Kaleidoscope compatibility
Icon panes in build-application dialog accept pasted pictures
r35 5/21 Folders can now be created in the project window
Color can be directly compared (ie, if c1=c2 then...)
Change event and Value property for TabPanels
More AppleEvent methods/classes
AcceptTabs for editfields
Drag&Drop now works in the code editor.
r34a 5/18 Pixel method of graphics objects
More style properties/methods for editfields
DrawPolygon & FillPolygon for graphics object
Improved XCMD support
SpriteSurfaces center on the screen.
r34 5/12 AppleEvent class, and associated methods
BitwiseAnd, XOR, and OR
InitialValue property for listboxes and popupmenus
ContextualMenu control & isCMMClick
Menus can be reordered by dragging in the menu editor
r33 5/4 graphics.DrawString works with CRs
Word wrapping parameter for DrawString
Focus Rings for editfields
Poll method for sockets
AddPicture for resource forks
r32b 4/22 MemoryBlock class
Bug Fixes
r32a 4/21 Thread class
Resource attribute properties for ResourceFork (ie, purgable)
Bug Fixes
r32 4/20 Reduced control flashing
Bug fixes
Exporting classes/modules with protectoin
Private property for variables in classes/modules
Window() and WindowCount
Volume() and VolumeCount
I return to RB, and think the new name and icons are cheesy (and I still do)
r31c 4/10 Style properties for menu items
Dragging a "resources" file into project. It's still bugged to this very day.
r31b 4/8 Fixed bug where PPC apps crashed on launch
r31 4/4 &b, &h, &o
Picture and PictureAvailable for Clipboards
DragItem class, and DropObject events
WASTE text text engine for >32k text fields.
\ operator for integer division
SpriteSurface and Sprite control/object
Font and FontCount commands
SelUnderline, SelTextFont, etc. for edit fields
"me" reference
FrameColor, FillColor, DarkBevelColor, etc.
r30 3/23 Hierarchial, styles, and pictures for listboxes
Print command (in the File menu)
Find/Replace command
Dynamically constructed menus.
r29 3/12 Bug Fixes
Cosmetic Changes
r28b 3/5 Bug Fixes
Asynchronously clicking (ie, timers continue to fire)
RB! r28 3/4 Name changed to REALbasic from CrossBasic
FYI Software changed to REAL Software
New Code editor and Palettes (the present-day types)
Styled and associated properties for editfields
Multiple declarations on one line (ie, dim x,y as string)
I get fed up with XB, and switch to FutureBasic for a while.
r27 2/2/98 Integrated On-Line reference
LimitText for editfields
Sort method for arrays
MacType/MacCreator for folderitems
PenHeight/PenWidth for graphics
r26 1/14/98 GetCicn method for resource forks
Transparent property for pictures
Edit/Delete commands in Edit menu
SaveAsPicture method for folderitems
r25 12/30/97 TabPanel control
Password property for editfields
Indeterminate progress bars
NewPicture method, and property
LocalAddress and LookAhead for sockets.
Autocompletion in the code editor
r24 12/9/97 Control Cloning with the New and "isa" operator
StrComp function
ColumnCount, ColumnWidths for listboxes
CreateAsFolder method for folderitems
r23 11/11 ResourceFork object
BalloonHelp properties
Slider control (Mac OS 8 only)
Socket.Listen and Folderitem.Exists
Bug Fixes
I find out about XB in a HL chat after realizing that VMSB truly sucks.
r22 10/28 SystemFolder, TrashFolder, etc.
Resized and Moved events for windows
AppendToTextFile for folderitems
r21 10/14 Socket control
Open and Close events for controls
DownTo and Step for FOR loops
Multiple parameters for AppleScripts
Multiline property in StaticTexts
Beep command
r20 10/2 Support for ' and // as comments (as opposed to rem)
CountFields, NthField functions
InsertRow, DeleteAllRows, RemoveRow for popups.
Replace, ReplaceAll commands
ReDim command
r19 9/15 68k Code Generation bug fixed "(will they never end?)"
Support for submenus
r18 9/1 Bug Fixes
Improved documentation
r17 8/20 Ticks and Microseconds functions
r16 8/18 Picture Caching
Printing support (ie, OpenPrinter() as graphics)
r15 8/10 SerialPort control
Do...Loop commands
Exit command
r14 8/1 ProgressBar control
Automatic Alias resolution for folderitems
r13 7/27 Timer control added
r12 7/22 Added Hex and Oct functions.
Andrew Barry moves to Denver!
r11 7/9 Bug fixes for compiling to PPC
XCMD/XCFN support added.
r10 7/8 AppleScript support
GetFolderitem is now relative
r9 7/4 More sample programs
Control Arrays
r8 6/29 "Changed 1-based row indexes for ListBox & Popup controls to be 0-based to be more compatible with 'the standard'. <gag>"
SelStart, SelLength, etc. for edifields.
r7 6/28 Fixed QT 2.5 requirement. It was CodeWarriors fault. Really!
r6 6/28 DoModal method for windows
Any ".gif" or ".jpg" file can be dragged in regardless of type.
r5 ??? Rnd, ceil, floor, round, abs, max, min functions
Support for sounds added
r4 ??? New math functions (sin, cos, tan, etc.)
r3 ??? ???
r2 ??? ???
r1 ??? The naming convention for XB versions is set (?)