• 12:20 PM Start hiking
  • 2:40 PM At viewpoint
  • 3:45 PM At waterfall / parking lot

GPS Track of the hike

We hit this up on the way back from Bovina (we’d do this many more times in the future). I’d been to Plattekill falls once before with my friend Richard during a rest day on a climbing trip and wanted to show it to Alex.

Plattekill Falls

I guess we added a hike while we were there. I have almost no memory of the hike, though I do certainly remember jumping in the waterfall afterwards! It looks like it was peak summer.

Summer in the woods

This was my first Catskills hike in almost two years. What happened? I was traveling a lot to other places and prioritizing rock climbing over hiking. That would continue for the next few years.


From looking at my track, we may have stopped at the viewpoint rather than the true summit of Indian Head. Fortunately I hiked it again in 2022.

Tree pose