• 1:18 PM Start hiking
  • 3:21 PM Summit Windham
  • 5:38 PM Back at the car

GPS Track of the hike

This hike was prompted by looking up from our porch and thinking it might be peak fall in the Catskills. I’d hiked Windham twice in 2020 and thought it would be lovely in the fall, so that’s what we did.

Fall in the woods

We pretty much nailed it!

New England Wood Asters New England Wood Asters

Here was the view from Windham High Peak:

Panorama from Windham High Peak

And Alex’s traditional summit tree pose.

Traditional Tree Pose

This was our last hike of 2020, the pandemic year. In retrospect I wish I’d aspired to join the 3500 club back then because we were living so close to so many trailheads (we lived in a cabin near Windham for most of that year) and there was so much free time. But from another perspective, I hiked many more times in the Catskills than I ever had before and explored areas like Pisgah and Hayden that I’m unlikely to visit again.