• 10:50 AM Start hike
  • 2:00 PM Summit Table
  • 3:00 PM Summit Peekamoose
  • 5:45 PM Back at the car

  • Tracks: eBird

GPS Track of the hike

Alex, John G and I hiked Table and Peekamoose. This was our first hike with John. The birding was spectacular – we heard thrushes and winter wrens throughout the hike and saw at least ten Blackburnian Warblers, including a family!

Blackburnian warbler with worm

Alex got some great photos. There were so many Blackburnian warblers that eBird thought our checklist was suspicious. Not so!

Another fun natural discovery on this hike was “dog vomit slime mold”. We’ve learned that slime molds often have fun names.

Dog Vomit slime mold

I always love the short, scruffy woods on ridgetops.

Hiking through scruffy pines between summits

After a long hike, the views from Peekamoose were spectacular.

Panorama from near Peekamoose

This was our first visit to the Denning St parking lot. I think I chose it because it was relatively close to our house compared to many of the other trailheads. It was a cool place to start a hike — I’d go there again! We saw monarch butterflies and heard Magnolia warblers.

This was definitely peak summer! So much green.

Tall trees and mossy rocks

Alex in a fern grove