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  Welcome to my new and improved RB Page. This page is divided into several subsections. Here they are:

RB Monthly The first and most widely read REALbasic magazine. So far, there are ten issues, which feature news, tips, reviews, and columns.
SpiniVector 1.1 A vector image editing program that does just about everything you could want, including copying, pasting, polygons, béziers etc.
CanvasPaint This class allows you to add excellent painting abilities to your program with next to no effort.
Lingo2 1.2 New! A complete and easily expandable scripting language for RB. This allows you to give users of your program much more power.
LingoScript <obsoleted by Lingo2>
httpSocket 2.0 An HTTP socket. It lets you retrieve files (like web pages) using the http protocol.
Action Surface A sprite surface especially designed for action games that involve moving back and forth, and shooting.
Pic Smooth&Blur A nifty class that lets you smooth and blur regions of a picture in your RB program.
MiniVector <obsoleted by SpiniVector>
NotePlayer Kit A set of classes that makes using the NotePlayer control an enjoyable experienceľnot the horror that it is now.
Map Example An exampe of how to access the current settings from the Map control panel (latitude, longitude, time zone).

  Have any comments about one of these? E-mail them to me at DantheOx@aol.com.

   Oh yeah, and while you're at it, check out this picture: REALpicture

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