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Welcome to REALbasic Monthly, the premier REALbasic magazine!


  The August issue of RBM is now out! The cover story is on API access, and CanvasPaint is reviewed. It also has a continuation of last month's cover on AppleScript and a database article designed to be simpler than the April Cover.

  Well, there's some sad news: The next issue of RBM will be the last. Creating each issue has started to take up far too much time, and virtually no one has been willing to actually write (I don't count saying you'll write and not doing anything as writing). I'll have more on this in my editorial, but the descision is final.

  Sorry about the delay on the June issue. For RBM's first anniversary, I gave myself some time off. I'll put up a notice when the next issue is about ready to come out.

  Surprised by the new layout? It's something I've had in the works for a while. The main advantage is that it's simpler to add searching and various subpages to (which I've done). Also though, it has a nicer feel than the prevous setup, and it also loads faster, because I've split the issues into their volumes (1 and 2). Older issues appear on a seperate page. Feedback is certainly appreciated though, so e-mail me your thoughts.


  There have been a large number of issues of RBM since it began in June of 1998. This page contains a listing of the issues in this Volume (1999). To view the issue online, click its date or its cover. To download it as a StuffIt archive, click the (StuffIt) link. To download a PDF version, click (PDF).

Cover Date Cover Story Reviews
August 23,1999 API Access CanvasPaint

May 1, 1999 AppleScript PictureShader

SSA Buttons


April 2, 1999
(StuffIt) (PDF)
Databases TT's CatSearch


PrefsModuleX Server

March 9, 1999
(StuffIt) (PDF)
Printing in RB MHS


January 1, 1999
(StuffIt) (PDF)
Five DR2 features ChartPart 1.0

NotePlayer Kit

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