REALbasic Monthly Writers Page

  I'm always looking for more writers for RBM–they make my job easier, and ensure that RBM will continue to exist. Usually, you just write an e-mail to me, and I'll tell you what your options are. However, it'd be much nicer if potential writers knew their options before volunteering. When you email me telling me that you want to write, specify what you'd like to write, and how often you can write an article.

1. Reviews Writer

  A reviews writer writes a review for a product once every one to three months. The procedure is quite simple. Find any product that is of use to RB developers (ie, a class, a module, or a plugin), use it, and write about it. Reviews can be anything from a page to several. Just look at existing RBM reviews for examples. When you're done, write down the author, the price, and where the product can be found. Also write out a few pros and cons, and give it a 0.0-10.0 rating. After that, just send an email to me (at

  For example, this would be something you might send me:

A nifty Product
By Dan Vanderkam and the café
  THis product is, as its name would imply, nifty.
Pros: Super Nifty!
Cons: None noticable

  Simple enough. If you can't find a product to review, I can send you a list.

2. Tutorial Writer

  A tutorial writer submits a tutorial as often as they want. The subject can be anything, ranging from interface design to API access. Simply write what you want in HTML, and include all your pictures. When you're done with the article, stuff it, and email it to me as an attachment.

3. Tips/News Writer

  If you have a tip/product announcement for me, just email it to and I may include it in the next issue.

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