• 2:10 PM Start hiking
  • 5:50 PM Back at car

GPS Track of the hike

Afer my rave review from the previous week, Alex wanted to check out Windham. We set out for the hike after a Friday half day at work. We didn’t use the same trailhead that I had the previous week. I have no recollection at this point (2023) whether that was intentional, but I doubt it.

Even though only a week had passed since my last hike, the signs of spring were noticeably more abundant.

Close-up of lone fiddlehead

There were many fiddlehead ferns, and I remember finding wild ramps on this hike. I’m not sure if this is them, but this is what it looked like. There were lots of them!

Marshy area with ramps

Judging by our attire, it was quite warm, even at the summit.

Summit tree pose

We talked about how magical this hike would be in the fall, then had a moment of realization that we’d still be here at that point (we’d just signed a six month lease for a cabin nearby). We’d do that hike in October.

Field of fiddlehead ferns