I'm Dan, a freelance Software Engineer. I previously worked at Google, Sidewalk Labs, Mt. Sinai's Hammerlab and Google again. I'm full stack, but tend to be drawn towards work that involves frontend and data. Data Visualization and Programming Languages are particular interests.

I wrote a book! Effective TypeScript (O'Reilly 2024). You can read more about it at effectivetypescript.com, on Amazon and Goodreads, but here are a few choice quotes:

Effective TypeScript explores the most common questions we see when working with TypeScript and provides practical, results-oriented advice. Regardless of your level of TypeScript experience, you can learn something from this book.

Ryan Cavanaugh, Engineering Lead for TypeScript at Microsoft

This book is packed with practical recipes and must be kept on the desk of every TypeScript eveloper. Even if you think you know TypeScript already, get this book and you won't regret it.

Yakov Fain, Java Champion

Recent Blog Posts

@ 2:15PM EST
Another Decade, Another Webdiff

Thoughts on revisiting a favorite project after nearly ten years.

@ 12:07AM EST
AlphaGo vs. Lee Sedol

Thoughts on the ongoing match between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol

@ 12:36PM EST
Extending the Grid to Add 1,000 Photos to OldNYC

A walkthrough of how I added about 1,000 new images to OldNYC.org by building a Manhattan Grid geocoder. This includes photos from intersections which no longer exist, e.g. in areas like the old Gaslight District, which was destroyed to create Stuytown.

@ 02:00PM EST
My takeaways from NIPS 2015

I’ve just wrapped up my trip to NIPS 2015 in Montreal and thought I’d jot down a few things that struck me this year: Saddle Points vs Local Minima I heard this point repeated in a talk almost every day. In low-dimensional spaces (i.e. the ones we...

@ 06:03 PM UTC
Dan writes on HammerLab

Fear not, loyal readers, I haven't stopped blogging. I've just been doing it elsewhere.

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I wrote a book!

Effective TypeScript is a practical, example-driven guide to having a more productive relationship with the type checker. Now in its second edition.

Effective TypeScript site

A blog and map tracking my progress towards joining the Catskills 3500 Club by summitting all the high peaks in New York's Catskills mountain range.

Mapping historical photos from the NYPL.

Read more in Gothamist, The Guardian and The New York Times.

A fast, flexible open source JavaScript charting library for dense data sets.

dygraphs blog

Easy area comparisons between geographic features like countries, states, cities and parks.

blog post

Historical photographs of San Francisco, dated, geocoded, mapped and visualized.

NY Times coverage

Web-based git difftool with syntax highlighting, image support and intra-line diffs.

blog post

Other Creations

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