Daily Citibike Usage

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I enjoyed Antonio D’Souza’s Citibike Traction chart but thought it painted an overly rosy picture by showing cumulative rides, not daily rides.

Here’s a version of his chart with daily rides:

daily trips

Saturdays and Sundays are colored in red. Sundays seem to be particularly popular days to use Citibike. The daily and weekly passes launched on June 2nd, which helps explain the big uptick on that day. There’s also been a big uptick in the past two days, on the 20th and 21st, for reasons that are unclear to me. The start of the summer tourist season?

The overall trend seems to be up, though. It’ll be interesting to revisit this in a few months and see if the trend continues to hold up.

Raw data comes from the Citibike Blog. You can download the spreadsheet I used to generate this chart here.