Statistics Knowledge Panel

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A few months ago my group at work launched the Statistics Knowledge Panel, which shows you an interactive chart when you search for a public data statistic on Google:

gdp per capita china

The feature uses query refinements to anticipate other statistics you might be interested in (e.g. “population india” → “population china”). These put the original statistic into context. We got a shout out from Amit Singhal at Google I/O when we launched!

amit-google io

Here are a few fun queries you can try:

The charts work great on mobile and tablet, too!


dygraphs 1.0.0

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Six years ago I created dygraphs, an interactive JavaScript charting library. Four years ago, I open sourced it. Yesterday, we officially released version 1.0.0.

The project continues to grow, sometimes seemingly in spite of itself, gaining new users and contributors. Robert’s blog post describes the reasons for doing versioned releases. Personally, I’m quite excited about having the freedom to change core behaviors without worrying about upsetting users!

The key features of dygraphs are, and remain, the ease of quickly creating a chart and the ability it gives you to explore large data sets. The canonical chart is a comparison of temperatures for three years in SF and NYC. You can zoom in, see individual data points and change the rolling average:

And Then There Were Eight

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Back in February, I posted a list of living people born in the 1800s. There were twelve. Now, six months later, we’re down to eight! As one of my coworkers says, there seems to be a conspiracy where the oldest person in the world keeps dying.

# Name Sex Birth date Age Residence
Jiroemon Kimura M 1897 April 19 116y 54d Japan
1 Misao Okawa F 1898 March 5 115y 163d Japan
Maria Redaelli-Granoli F 1899 April 3 113y 364d Italy
Elsie Thompson F 1899 April 5 113y 350d United States
2 Jeralean Talley F 1899 May 23 114y 84d United States
3 Susannah Jones F 1899 July 6 114y 40d United States
4 Bernice Madigan F 1899 July 24 114y 22d United States
5 Soledad Mexia F 1899 August 13 114y 2d United States
6 Naomi Conner F 1899 August 30 113y 350d United States
Evelyn Kozak F 1899 August 14 113y 301d United States
Mitsue Nagasaki F 1899 Sept. 18 113y 272d Japan
7 Emma Morano-Martinuzzi F 1899 Nov. 29 113y 259d Italy
8 Grace Jones F 1899 Dec. 7 113y 251d United Kingdom

Naomi Conner is new to this list—perhaps she was “discovered” since February. As I mentioned in the previous post, it’s impossible to say when the 19th century will be “closed out”. If the usual probabilities play out, it’ll happen sometime in the next 2–3 years. But if any of these eight women turn out to be another Jeanne Calment, then it’ll be another ten.