Moving to GitHub Pages

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TL;DR: new site, new blog, new feed

After eight years of blogging with WordPress, it’s time to ditch this 11-year old technology in favor of the merely 6-year old GitHub pages.

Visiting danvk.org will take you to the new site, from which you can find the new danvk blog. For RSS subscribers, you can find the new feed here. Head on over and leave a comment!

As part of the move, I read through all eight years of blog posts. This was a real trip down memory lane for me. The blog started as something of a personal journal when I moved to California, but turned more tech-focused and sparse as I started to make more friends in my new home. I pulled out some highlights from the last eight years here.

Why do this? Blogging with WordPress feels heavy-weight and inflexible compared to using Markdown and my existing git workflows. And I’m very excited about the idea of not hosting my own site—danvk.org has always felt quite slow to load, but I’ve never quite been sure why.