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While walking around my block with an out-of-town friend the other day, I found myself pointing out all the restaurants I had never been to. How could I be so remiss? Part of it is the sheer number of food places: 40 within a three block radius.

Here they are. I’ve been to the bolded places. The links go to Yelp.

Within one block (3/4):

  1. Cafe du Soleil
  2. rotee (Indian)
  3. S&W Market
  4. Two Jack’s Seafood

Within two blocks (8/13):

  1. Chili Cha Cha’s Thai Food
  2. Cu Co’s Restaurant
  3. Estela’s Fresh Sandwiches
  4. Indian Oven
  5. Kate’s Kitchen
  6. Lo-Cost Meat and Fish Market
  7. Metro’s Caffe
  8. Nickie’s (bar)
  9. Roland’s Bakery
  10. Squat & Gobble
  11. Thep-Phnom (Thai)
  12. Three Twins Ice Cream
  13. Volare Pizza

Within three blocks (12/23):

  1. Abe’s Market
  2. Bistro St. Germaine
  3. Burger Meister
  4. Cafe International
  5. Castro Coffee
  6. Golden Natural Foods
  7. Hanabi Japanese Restaurant
  8. La Carreta Taqueria
  9. Love ‘n Haight Deli & Cafe
  10. Mad Dog in the Fog
  11. Memphis Minnie’s
  12. Molotov’s (bar)
  13. Mythic Pizza
  14. Naan and Chutney
  15. Noc-Noc (bar)
  16. O’Looney’s Market
  17. PeaCock Lounge (bar)
  18. Raja Cuisine
  19. Rosamunde (“the sausage place”)
  20. Tacqueria El Castillito
  21. Toronado (bar)
  22. Uva Enoteca
  23. Whole Foods Co

Now that I have a list, there’s no excuses!


  1. Kenny said,

    May 26, 2009 at 7:45 pm


    I’ve been to 2 in group 1,

    7 in group 2 (all the ones you have been to minus thep phenom)

    13 in group 3 (granted, group 3 has some of the closest ones to me)

    O’Looney’s isn’t as much of a restaurant as a liquor store.

    And if you start venturing out just a bit more you’ll have to take into account everything on haight to divis, all the restaurants on divis, all the restaurants on church st., 14th st. a couple on sanchez, duboce, aghh there’s so many.

    At one point I decided I was going to try atleast one new restaurant every week but I haven’t done that quite yet..

  2. danvk said,

    July 23, 2009 at 11:33 pm

    Since this post, I have been to:
    - Chili Cha Cha’s Thai Food
    - Bistro St. Germaine
    - Castro Coffee
    - Uva Enoteca

    That still leaves 13 places to visit.