Now and Then

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I plugged in my cross streets on the San Francisco Library’s digital photo archive and found this picture. The image is mislabeled. The street in the foreground is actually Fillmore, not Webster. Which means that this photo, from 1945, was taken from my roof!

This past weekend, Miriam and I did a Now and Then shot. There’s a higher-resolution image there, but you can fade between them using the slider here:


There are more trees now, more cars and more power lines, but one less cable car. But the coolest difference is only noticeable if you look at the tall building in the upper right. It hasn't shrunk. No, the trees in Buena Vista Park have grown!


Another move!

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A year after making my last move, I’m doing it again! This is less of a dramatic shift. Whereas the last one was a 35-mile move from Mountain View to San Francisco, this is a 2 mile move between neighborhoods in the city (Russian Hill to Lower Haight).

I’ll post pictures when the move happens after September 1. For now, you’ll have to settle for maps. Here are the places that are twice as close to my new place as my old:
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Faded Photos of San Francisco

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Richard over at Sparkletack recently wrote about the Charles Cushman Photograph Collection, which includes hundreds of pictures of San Francisco from the 1930′s to the 1960′s.

The images offer a fascinating tour of San Francisco history, from Chinatown in 1952

to hippies on Haight street in 1967:

The real coup, though, is to find an image of your own block or apartment from the photographic past. To that end, I’ve put the Cushman images which include a street address on a Google map. There aren’t any pictures here from my block, but maybe you’ll be luckier! Here’s the map:
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