I’m OK, how are you?

Posted in music at 12:06 am by danvk

An awful realization tonight: I live all of five minutes from Palo Alto, work for a software company, and I haven’t listened to Radiohead’s “Palo Alto” since I came to California! Consider that fixed…

I learned one thing from the wiki article I linked to above. “Palo Alto” was originally called “OK Computer”, and was going to be on the album of the same name. The song was cut and renamed, but the original name stayed in their minds for the album. It’s interesting because “OK Computer” is a fine metaphorical title for the album, but a great literal title for the song that became “Palo Alto”.

In a city of the future,
it is difficult to find a space.
I’m too busy to see you,
you’re too busy to wait.

Well I’m ok, how are you?
Thanks for asking
Thanks for asking.
Well I’m ok, how are you?
We hope that you are ok too.

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