New iPod!

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Either through misplacement or theft, I lost the dano, my iPod nano, sometime last week. It’s OK. It was only a 1 GB nano, and I won it in a drawing. I paid nothing.

In fact, I last bought an iPod in April, 2004. Here’s what it looked like:


That red glow was totally trendy. It’s pretty wild to compare the technical specs on each. The prices were identical – $300 each. What’s 3+ years done to the iPod?

  2004 2007
Price $294.24 $302.02
Capacity 15 GB 80 GB
Battery Life ~5 hours “20 hours” (we’ll see)
Size 4.1″ x 2.4″ 4.1″ x 2.4″
Thickness 0.62″ 0.55″
Weight 5.6 oz 5.5 oz
Display 2″, 160×128 2.5″, 320×240

So all the specs have improved, and the thing’s gotten smaller. Who ever said the march of technology was a bad thing? I’m mostly excited about the video capabilities. If I throw some TV episodes on there, I can jog with my iPod, commercial-free!

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