Google Ski Trip

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Google’s semi-famous annual ski trip was this past week at Squaw Valley, near Tahoe. Being a midwesterner, I’m still not totally used to this whole “mountain” concept. I checked the weather the night before the trip, and saw that it’d be a high of 45 in Tahoe that day. So warm! Would I even need a coat? Apparently it never occurred to me that weather conditions on the top of a mountain might be different than on the bottom.

Needless to say, I was woefully underprepared. No gloves, no earmuffs, no hat, no ski goggles, etc. So this is what it looks like at the top:

Or rather, that’s what it looked like later. There was a blistering snow storm at first. Run #1 down the bunny slope was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I had to go down the hill squinting because it was painful to open my eyes and have the snow slam into them. There were some enterprising capitalists selling ski supplies up there, so this is what I looked like shortly thereafter:

I’m second from the right. Much better! Click through for more pictures from Ryan.

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