A member of society once more

Posted in personal at 8:42 pm by danvk

After the wallet-losing debacle, I’ve been slowly replacing all my lost cards. Today was a good day. My replacement debit card arrived in the mail this morning. It’s never felt quite so good to pay for gas with a credit card, even at a ludicrous $3.479/gal.

My team at Google had having an off-site involving Go Karts this afternoon, so I took the morning and went to the DMV to replace my license. I’m incredibly impressed with the Santa Clara DMV. Lines move swiftly, and I had my replacement license within an hour. It’s a zero hassle process. Fill out a form, write a check for $21, and you’re good to go.

Driver’s License and debit card are the biggies. All that’s left now are random library cards, and there’s no rush there.

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